Open World Madness with Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City

Open World Madness with Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City came after Rockstar Games’ first 3d open world game in the GTA series, i.e. Grand Theft Auto III. While I haven’t played GTA III completely yet I did find it a bit incompletely primarily because Claude never spoke a word in the entire game! Anyways, this is a GTA Vice City review so I’ll stick to that.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is simply one of the most defining games of all times. The GTA series started a whole new genre with this series and GTA Vice City is just another amazing installment to that. The game has it all! This was a game that introduced me personally to the open world genre. Yes! This was the first open world genre game that I’ve ever played and quite frankly after playing this all the other games look pale in front of this.

GTA Vice City starts off with an amazing introduction to characters wherein Tommy Vercetti comes to this exotic city of Vice City which is such an amazing masterpiece of modelling and the attention to detail that it just immediately immerses you into the game. Tommy Vercetti is a new gangster in town and like all the Mafia movies he has to climb up the ladder and establish his name. Without going much into the storyline I would like to talk about the experience of the game.

The game has taken most of its inspiration from cult movies like Scarface and some references from The Godfather (*Spoiler* the name of the last mission is ‘Keep your friends close but your enemies closer’) series. Graphics were top notch for the time that it released and it felt really relaxed every time I played this game. Oh well and not to forget how cool it felt after a bad day when I played and ran over random pedestrians just like that! Also not to forget the cheesy commentary on the radio as well as an assorted selection of soundtracks available to listen while you drove on and attempted insane stunts! Bold sarcasm is also one of the most perfectly portrayed through this masterpiece.

Cars handled pretty well however sometimes I felt like the car was made of paper But well, even that had its fair share of fun! There are many ramps in the city which allow you to perform stunts for bonuses. You can drive cars, bikes, scooters, MILITARY HELICOPTERS!!(Hunter)and boats. Oh and the names used for these vehicles were pretty humorous as well. For eg. Faggio was the name of one of the scooters available in the game If you have seen the movie ‘Scarface’ and wanted to get a feel of how it felt in the shoes of Tony Montana then this game is the perfect one for you!

Police AI is damn awesome too. Dare not get to a 6 star wanted level or all police and military forces will beat the shit out of you with Military Planes, Tankers, etc. Oh and if you do manage to get a military tank then you become literally invincible. The military tank is indestructible(except if its flipped over ) and boy, it is so much fun to just mow down police and military forces with that vehicle! However it does feel a little dumb at times when you accidentally bump into a police car with a very little force and then instantly earn a 1 star wanted level.

Missions are innovative. They don’t feel repititive. Map has been designed keeping all the mission aspects in mind. Some missions are pretty damn tough. Especially the RC Helicopter ones. You will never get bored of them, however you might get frustrated when you are not able to control that darned RC Helicopter! At first a part of the map is locked. They cleverly reasoned this with a broken bridge between two islands. Technically, however, the game has 4 islands. Do check out the mall and steal that Infernus to drive over people in the mall. Its fun! Will review soon, stay stunned!

The modding community for this game is strong as well. You can customize the game the way you want. You can change the names of the places in the city, add real life cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, etc. You can change the billboards in game. The modding community is only growing stronger and more and more content is getting added. You will never find this game getting old and can play it any time.

Whats more? The game ever has a mobile version!

This game has been my personal inspiration to start my own gaming company and so I give this game a 10/10 rating. If you haven’t played this one yet then I strongly recommend you to buy this game and play as soon as possible!