Male Hair Loss Treatment – Facts and Cure for hair loss

Male Hair Loss Treatment – Facts and Cure for hair loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

 These days, it seems like more and more men are looking into male hair loss treatment. It isn’t surprising, considering the importance that is given to hair. With the changing times, hair has been given an integral criterion in the looks of a person. So, when something that is given so much importance starts to dwindle, it makes the person lose confidence as well. He is consumed in finding out how to stop hair loss.


Modern medicine and our increasing knowledge of remedies help us do just that. Men can find a host of answers on how to stop hair loss. However, before doing so, the reason behind the hair loss in men should be effectively determined, because only then can one find a solution.


Reasons behind the hair loss in men



Majority of male hair loss can be attributed to gene inheritance. This phenomenon, commonly known as male pattern baldness, can also be called androgenetic alopecia. It can be inherited from the father, mother or both. What is the reason for the hair loss in men as a result of this? Well, the sources all point to a chemical found in the body, called dehydrotestosterone, or DHT. It is a male hormone that builds up to result in killing of hair follicles. If the reasons behind this are purely genetic, then unfortunately male hair loss treatment can only delay the inevitable. However, if it is a medical reason, there’s still hope.


Apart from this, there are other factors that cause hair loss in men. What one intakes has a great affect on the whole body. Some medications taken could cause hair loss. Another factor could be a disease like lupus or diabetes, which hasn’t been properly diagnosed or treated. Some fungal infections can also cause hair loss in men. Environmental factors such as pollution and lifestyle factors such as stress also play a great role.


A correct diagnosis of the cause of male hair loss can only be done if help is taken from a professional. We, as amateurs can only know a part of the problem. It is best to consult a doctor to reach the root of the problem, before committing to a male hair loss treatment. If the problem is anything other than a genetic disposition, there is a lot of hope.


Understanding male hair loss treatment



As mentioned above, a male hair loss treatment will be determined by the cause of the male hair loss. In the majority case of male pattern baldness, considering that it is medical, there are a number of ways to stop hair loss. This can range from topical and oral medication, to surgical techniques. Each of the male hair loss treatment has its pros and cons, which may have to do with the price or the intensity.


In the topical male hair loss treatment, minoxidil (Rogaine) is the most famous and effective. It must be used for a long time to stop hair loss, and can be bought over the counter at chemist shops. In oral medication, a prescription medicine called finasteride (Propecia) is common. This however, is strictly for men, and can cause serious side effects when ingested by women, especially if they are pregnant. These days, surgical male hair loss treatment is also gaining popularity, with more and more people going in for it. The most common of this is hair grafting, where hair from another part of the body is transplanted to the balding area.


Just as you look to professionals to find the reason, you must also consult them on how to stop hair loss. They will be able to give you an unbiased opinion on what will work best for you. Only then, must a male hair loss treatment be started.


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