A Brief History of Mobile Casino Gambling

It doesn’t seem too long ago when gamblers had put up with considerable inconveniences if they wanted to pursue their passion, winningw88.net related. Depending on what their favourite games were, it usually meant a trip to the nearest gambling hall or even a traditional casino. Particularly European gamblers often had to undertake arduous journeys, as games of luck were either outlawed in their home country or the nearest casino was located a great distance away. In many instances, they even had to cross one or several national borders.

The Online Casino Revolution

The Internet revolutionised all that with the advent of online casinos. Suddenly, gamblers could indulge without ever leaving the comfort of their own four walls as Internet-based casinos mushroomed within a short period of time. Having to observe gambling halls’ opening times became a thing of the past, as virtual venues were accessible around the clock. Many popular slot machines – hitherto only found as “hardware” in regular gambling venues – but also classical casino games like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker were suddenly available as online versions.

New Technology Chimes in New Age of Gambling

As the online casino industry proliferated and became ever more diversified, some observers were quick to point out that this was probably the pinnacle, the last word in convenient gambling. However, as so often they eventually would be proven wrong, because the next major revolution was already in the making in the form of mobile phones and smartphones. WiFi, Bluetooth and increasingly sophisticated operating systems like Android beckoned at the developers of gambling software.

The Mobile Casino Phenomenon

The dawn of mobile casinos was soon upon us – and we all rejoiced! Top notch online casinos jumped on the bandwagon with their own mobile casino subsidiaries, followed by new operators exclusively focussing on this brand new, exciting market. The big advantage – apart from a few necessary tweaks and the need for smartphone-compatible gambling platforms – was that there already existed a large gambler community out there which was quite familiar with online casinos and their different games. As a huge proportion of them also owned mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys or Androids, it could be anticipated that they would try out mobile casinos rather sooner than later.

Enjoying a Game Wherever You Are

A new industry was born and has since taken the gambling world by storm! As increasing numbers of gambling enthusiasts appreciate the freedom and numerous advantages of “gambling on the go”, new industry players continue to emerge and new games are constantly added to an already impressive line-up. Gamblers can now immerse themselves in their favourite pastime wherever they are, handling everything from making deposits to playing and withdrawing their winnings on their hand-held devices. The question now is: Where will we go from here, what’s going to be next?